Window Shopping


Whenever I can afford to
That is… if the fare is fair
I go window shopping
No one is as rich as a window shopper
The aisles of life owe you everything and you owe them nothing
Not even a thought!
When you’re a window shopper
They hand you flyers and business cards and you give them an empty promise in exchange
“I’ve always wanted this shade of orange! I’ll definitely come back!”
No you won’t! But you won’t wind up behind bars either
It’s evil. Despicable. Cruel.
It’s amazing!
But the problem is sometimes…
Most times…
You bump into something you’ve always wanted
Or something you didn’t think you needed initially
And all of a sudden, “I could always walk home anyways”
You cave
You bend the budget
They told you that you only live once
That you’ll always be able to recover
You fight the urge
Last time you did this, things were rough for you for like a month
But it… or He… or She… Looks so so good
So you open your purse… or your heart
And the coins… or emotions… flow
Excitement to show off!
Infatuated by appearance
But people start questioning
“… Doesn’t look… Ummm… Nothing. Never mind”
… Then you start to see it…
And just like the last time… or two… or three
It’s… he’s… she’s not the perfect fit you hoped for
But you bought… got… it… him… her
So you have to deal with it
And deal with the loss soon after
Because a bad fit is a bad fit. The sooner you admit it, the better
Who else to blame but yourself?
No money… or love
No one is as poor as a window shopper!
Dangerous life to live, my friends..

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