Wicked Fashion


It all started like a story,
A fantasy I thought it was,
Now its the topic,
Main theme each day,
My heart bleeds for this,
Fighting for simplicity in our dressing,
By all and without demur,

Love for simple dress codes perished,
Left vanishing in the name of modernity and fashion,
Answers to our generations completely lost,
Our youths that is,
Decency they consider archaic,
What a menace!

This the era,
Our societies plaqued with nauseating problems,
Deviant behaviour in the front line,
Rape and prostitution,
Worse, veneral diseases and infections,
All these among our youths,
Where is the world headed?

The new normal is here,
Ladies dressed in skimpy dresses and ragged clothes,
Men with hairs unkempt,
Perfect leech for morals,
And leak for personality,
Sure enough,
Xenocentric must be the ring leader,
Why do I feel this generation is ruined?
And directions lost?
The young piercing their bodies and tattoeing whole body,
Dressed in a provocating manner,
Forcing men to lure ladies into promiscuity and molestation,
A contraversial sudden clamor this is,
And serious encroachment of our moral values,

We need to flash back,
We need to revisit the olden days,
Days of morality and decency,
Those days we would dress like angels,
The days of principality and spiritual cleaness,
A brighter mirror we should have.


  1. A real and true mirror of our generation indeed,,, this should reach all youths of our generation,,,
    Great writing Euphy kudos

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