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Have you ever Sat Down and asked yourself Is It all real?
Ever since I’ve been a kid I’ve been led to believe that we are all here for a reason, that God Exists and that he is always watching us.
Don’t get me wrong I believe in God but this generation and this world are purposefully doing everything to steer me into the direction of questioning quite a number of things.
We’ve all been hit by the unbearable pain of losing someone, friend, or family that sort of pain hits you so hard that you question the whole God cares theory.
It hurts that someone who cares would let you feel such an intense form of pain and still expect you to hold your faith,
Some will call it a test of Faith but I call it a Test of your character.
People’s character changes when they’re exposed to different environments and situations,
Nobody is always Hyped and Nobody is always Down,
Our characters are shaped by our ability to control the emotion that our brains store in relation to a previous experience that we’ve had.
I believe that as Humans we can teach our Brains to adapt to different situations and control the outcome in whichever way we deem necessary.
Love, Hate, joy, fear, sorrow are just but the many emotions that people feel and they all occur in relation to a situation that one is in.
I have a friend who laughs like crazy when he’s Sad or in despair and I used to think to myself “is he going crazy ?” but I came to realize that that’s his way of dealing with it.
By channeling all that sorrow and grief into some positivity he is always able to control himself and laugh off the worst of situations.
I believe that a supreme being exists,I mean someone had to have come up with all of this, but I also believe that we have the power to make ourselves what we want to be.
Don’t just sit around and hope for things to get better,
One way or another we all turned up on this planet and as much as you will be brainwashed into various beliefs at the end of the Day it will always be up to you.

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