The Unheard Cries

It has become scary to even open up a bag that is flowing down the Nairobi river. The headlines of bodies of babies who have been killed and bodies of aborted babies have become a norm.
One would ask; why has society become so cruel. Don’t the cries of the babies matter? This child has a reason to also be protected, they need to be loved. The decision to do away with a pregnancy is a hard one to take. However, it is a decision with reparations in the days to come. The inhumanity showcased goes against all forms of principalities. Having an innocent soul being butchered, mutilated, dumped in the sewer or pit latrines is horrifying
The aftermath may include; frustration due to guilt, some lose their wombs as a result of unsafe abortions. Children are a gift and we need to treasure them. Doors do open upon the conception of a child.
It is hard to deal with the rejection and the result of having a child while young. However, the easy way out may not necessarily mean the right way out.
It is disheartening to hear of stories of dead children found in paper bags. The amount of moral decay has risen and most definitely no one is perfect. However, we can at least try to do what is right, we can at least opt to manage with the little we have.
Show love to yourself. Accept the results of our doing and try at most to protect the lives of the innocent child. Look at how you have turned out if at all our parents had done away with us right now we would not be here. Therefore, let us be fair to the unborn.
Encourage each other to keep their kids, to love their children and to most definitely look out for one another’s well-being.

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