Never have i ever been prouder to be a KENYAN.

So as some of y’all know, there’s major beef in the air right now between our very own Papa Jones, The OG and some whack ass Nigerian rapper called ‘Blaqbones’.

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Blaqbones is the self proclaimed, best rapper in Africa and, he was among the nominees in the recently concluded, SOUNDCITY MVP AWARDS alongside, Khaligraph Jones and other African acts.

Our boy Khaligraph Jones won THE BEST HIP HOP ARTISTE OF THE YEAR and someone got sour about it.

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Blaqbones felt like he was more deserving of the award and, went out ranting on Instagram about how he was still the best rapper in Africa, and how he was gonna do a dis track the following morning ,but our boy beat him to it.

Khaligraph did what he does best, he hoped in the booth and Lyrically ‘MURDERED’ Blaqbones, I mean if i was a rapper and i got dissed that bad, i’d never hit the studio again. Papa Jones went from proclaiming himself as the best ‘Kenyan -Nigerian ‘ rapper, which is true,to tagging Blaqbones in all manner of ways.

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If you’re a true hip-hop fan, you know how nasty some of these dis tracks get and how personal, some people take them.

Blaqbones then went ahead to post reaction videos about, how unaffected and how funny he thought the dis was on his social media handle, ”but we all know he felt it.” I know i would.

He’s recently put out a dis to Khaligraph Jones ‘Green Blaq Green’, but its not ”all that” .

Honestly i’m just happy that The East Has Something To Say. We are so tired of West African artistes crying foul whenever they don’t win awards .

After all Africa is made up of 55 countries, and not just the West.

Head on to YouTube and check out both tracks but we all know our boy killed it.


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