Is it that relationships have brought us more pain than joy? How does one even know that their partners are honest and true?

Wanza from a local university in Kenya was really excited as her modeling career was really about to set off. She was approached by one of the greatest modeling agency. Wanza only 22 years old having dated a guy for over a year opted to share the news with her boyfriend. The boyfriend at the time lived slightly further from her county thus we would consider it a long_ distance relationship. She called the boyfriend by the name Dante, just fresh from campus.
Wanza; ‘hey Dante can we talk? I have really big news!’
Dante; ‘Okay dear but just give me an hour I will get right back to you,’
Wanza; ‘thank you, looking forward to it’
Dante; ‘anytime’
The call was disconnected at that point. Wanza waited patiently for Dante to get back to her, an hour turned into two then three, and then it was midnight. Wanza decided to text and find out whether Dante was okay. Dante for Wanza was one guy who was absolutely out of this world. Truth be told being heads over heals is an under_ expression of whatever Wanza was feeling.
The text she typed for Dante read:
‘I do hope all is well, I am off to sleep, do stay safe, ‘accompanied with some love emoji.
Wanza went to sleep wishing Dante would have called back. Sleep was weighing in on Wanza and suddenly, ding, her phone rang, she took her phone, reading the message she thought it was a joke. Thereafter another message came in afterward from a new number,
‘What do you want from Dante? ‘It seemed like a lady.
Wanza was shocked at the response, a lot of questions rung in her mind. She stayed up the whole night and was not able to go back to sleep. The very next day Wanza traveled to go see Dante and clarify the issue, she had to travel about eight hours to get to his place.
Upon arrival, Dante was very unwelcoming. Wanza demanded to know what was going on. Dante stated that he had gotten back together with his former girlfriend. Wanza in the state of confusion simply packed up her things and went back to her place.
When I heard of the occurrence I truly knew ‘ukiachwa achika’ in one of Timmy t’Dat’s song is so true. This phrase means once one leaves you just let go of them. It was painful for Wanza considering in more than the emotional aspect she had invested fully in the relationship. The best thing she did was that she gave her all.
Three months down the line Dante keeps on calling and checking on Wanza. That may be the guilt killing him but then again you never know the value of what you have until it’s gone. There are two aspects of relationship terminologies here

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