Reasons why Iphone is overated!!


When you mention the iPhone, have definately experienced the superb marketing from Apple . I say ‘superb’ because Apple has made its clients believe they cant live without an Iphone as their communication device. We have to give it to them, its genious

This gadget raises alot eyebrows when pulled out the pocket. Just the sight of the Apple logo gives a person alot of thoughts. A thought like “It must be expensive” must be the first pop up.

Yeah, this gadget has many uses and perfoms great, but my opinion still stands. Iphone is far from being the best mobile device in the market today. So these are a couple of reasons why I believe so;

Useless Battery life

Iphone battery life hasn’t significantly improved over the last few years — You can barely get a day’s worth of power. Many iphone users walk around with charging cables and has been like that for as long as I can remember.

Less Storage

iPhones do not come with SD card slots. The thought of storage expansion after buying the phone is not an option. So, You really want space? Get a version with a larger space (More Expensive!!)

Expensive Accessories

A simple original USB/Charging cable goes for Ksh1500. Really?? Relatably you can approximate the price of other accesories; Battery Replacement, Screen Replacement among other

Wierd Bluetooth Services

Iphone’s Bluetooth doesnt allow file sharing which is funny because bluetooth is commonly used to share small files. Iphone’s bluetooth is restricted to apples peripheral devices i.e AirPods, Magic Mouse and Keyboard. Howerver it connect to sound systems from other brands.

Restriction to Appstore

Android allows users to install APK which is not a must to be acquired from the PlayStore on the other hand this is not possible for IOS devices. You want an app? Visit the AppStore.

The Iphone’s got a Great camera and screen display though. Its a good phone. Not worth the selling price though.

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