Life Style

Power of Wrongs


I am not gonna lie, I forget that not everyone is a master of masonry. I’m starting to notice that
some of the people who walk into my life, are the demolition crew. Granted, these characters
are often rough; The type of people I might not want in my home. But sometimes these are the
very people I need, in other words, these are the people who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty.
These are the people who have tasted rock bottom, only to spit it out. The taste cut a crevasse
of bitterness across their tongue, and some still taste that burn. You know, that nagging ache of
not chewing properly; That taste bud burn. It still lingers on their tongue, but they have embraced
this thorn, and no longer see it as a weakness. For the thought of being so low and rising, gives
them a thrill. They carry their past as a testimony for what they have conquered. The difference
between them and I, is that I carry my past as a form of torture. Self-forgiveness is something I
struggle with, so I build my walls not to protect myself, but to protect others from me. I’m afraid
that I might hurt again, and that’s a pain I no longer can bear. So, I build these walls and I build
them high, but in doing so it limits my ability to help others. In a sense I’m chaining myself from
my true potential. This is something I am working on, and I do believe one day I will finish this
demolition, and you know what, I will do it with the help of the people I have stated. As for now,
I’m learning humility and self-worth, so that when I finally do have the heart to let go of these
walls, I will already have a strong foundation in place. The funny part is, is that this foundation
was not built upon my triumphs, it was built on my mistakes. I no longer underestimate the
power of my wrongs, because they were the very reason, I am now walking right.