Power of Time

We grew up being told that time heals… But up until now I don’t think of it like it was fed to us… Time heals no wound… Time only dilutes the pain. When another stone is thrown no matter how small it unveils all the pain that we thought time had healed… At times a small scratch removes the scam of the wound ee believe time healed
Time is powerful but not powerful enough to heal.
A tree manufactures a million matchsticks but when the time is ripe a single matchstick burns down an entire forest.
A vulture is a lions prey but when the lion dies it becomes the vultures prey.
Time bears evolvement
Time turns tables
Time brings people together
But time heals no wounds it dilutes the pain
That’s my belief🤲🏼
Often when we cry about one thing, we might end up crying about all other things that fucked us up.
Time is powerful you see but seemingly pain overwhelms it.

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