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Images have no power, we give power to images because we need them as a means of communication. A medium that informs about physical realities, as well as representing the social and political logic of our communities. A medium that imagines identities and embodies our individual and collective desires.

I believe that each photo has a story to tell, and it is our objective as content creators to produce direct truthful and bold images that tell stories


Images tell stories. Stories with which we identify and hold on because of our structural anxiety for seeking certainties. But the story of the picture is not innocent: it can represent the spontaneous mood of a social group, or be the result of someone’s intention to affect others. In this case the image is an orthopedic resource. One that is trying to achieve that beholders imagine their life in certain way.


Est. April 2017
Location: Nairobi
About: State of Steve use expressionism,where expression
is of inner emotions rather than external reality
to tell stories.
My art work production has a surreal view of
things as I use symbolism as well as stark
contrast of light and dark with what I portray
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0725 108 407
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twitter : stateofsteve_
facebook : state of steve

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