Of the Monsters among Men


I’ve been thinking
Of the men and the monsters.
The men among monsters or so,
Well, the monsters among men.

I think of the great, ideally,
who always want to mate,
by will or force,and no remorse,
Chests high, they walk unpunished.

I think of the blood reepers,
using snappers and clippers,
They take the heartbeats,
of innocent lives in bits.
Yet,chests high, with just ‘something small’ , they walk unpunished.

I think of the openers,
of their walking pads,
Up in the air, they remain apart,
hiding not a single part.
All in the name of ‘something small’ ,
Then some bigger thing takes them to their creator.

I think of the huggers,
By the neck, from behind.
They take with no mercy,
not knowing what the ‘hugged’ has been through.
Anything treasury and fancy,they munch.
Yet,chests high,they walk unpunished.

This is of the monsters among men.

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