Meet Liz Jackson


She is pretty,she is brainy,she is someone you love and will grow to love.

If you are yet to know her then Liz Jackson is a sensation you should simply follow!Watch out world Liz Jackson is on the pages.From appearing in hullabaloo  film,to simply loving the camera but living beyond the camera;

1.Who is Liz Jackson?

Liz Jackson is a 20 year old  3rd year student pursuing a degree in Project Management.I’m  a commercial model and an actress as well

2.when did your passion for modeling start?

It started off quite early but right after highschool,I really focused on it,took it more seriously

3.what is the biggest hurdle that you have faced in your career?

Difficulties are always there, though I have not had major hurdles ,what I can say is in this line of work or any line of work one has to make choices.  I have  turned down offers because they ask me to dress in a certain way that I’m not comfortable with.I’m very reserved.

4.Women are said to be great at multitasking but genuinely,how do you draw the balance?

It is true,women multitask alot.I honestly do have a lot on my table. When I feel like something is draining my energy,I shift my attention from it real quick.

5 .Being a commercial model,what modeling agencies have you worked for and which others do you look to work with?

I haven’t worked with any agency and for now I’m not planning to work under any.I love working independently but if i ever get a chance to work with a good agency,I would consider

6.Give us your master plan for your career?

Right now I’m focusing 100% on school.I believe school is important.I would also love to grow my brand as a commercial model and a successful actress in future.

7.what advice would you give to young people trying out in this particular field?

First you need to have a plan and create solid networks in the industry to make it easy for you.Be disciplined,do not quit and just go for it

8.Do you ever have situations where people troll you on Instagram ?Have you experienced cyber bulling?

Yes I’ve been cyber bullied before and I ended up deleting the post since I didn’t know how to handle it then. There will always be haters ,not everyone can approve your actions, however treating criticism positively does help build on character.

 9.How do you feel attending an audition for a particular commercial and actually getting it?

It is every model’s dream.Making it on a commercial is a big win and it makes one feel like their efforts are equally compensated.

10.Liz if you were to break it down in three tell us what makes you so comfortable in your own skin?

What makes me comfortable in my own skin one is that I feel like my skin is unique, second God made me this way,third my skin is a representation of where I come from(Africa) and I’m really proud of that

 11.Have you tried runway modeling and do you intend to participate in either ‘miss tourism Kenya’ or ‘miss world Kenya’?

I haven’t yet because most of them have a height requirement and I’m abit short.I’m about 5’2

 12.in acting how far have you gone in terms of featuring in films,the roles you have played and participation in theatre?

I have done only film,no theatre so far.I have done a small role in Hullabaloo Estate with Philit Production.I have also done another extra role in a film that is yet to be released hence I cannot really talk about,but it’s under Philit Productions too.

13.Do tell our audience are you dating?

No I’m currently not dating

14.finally any closing remarks?

I would love to encourage anyone reading my story out there,to chase their dreams and go for what they love,even when your hardwork doesn’t pay at first,keep on doing it,you will finally reap the fruits


Lead Writer-Blend Magazine. Creative Writer