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Meet Faith Kandie

  • So Kindly tell us, Who is Faith Kandie, where is she from? And what was it like growing up as a kid?
    Faith Kandie is a student at Maseno University, studying a Bachelor of Science in Public Health and Community Development with Information Technology.
    I come from Nakuru county, where I was born and raised. Growing up was in Kabarak, Nakuru where I live till today. Growing up was great since I grew up in a police Barrack next to the late president’s Moi residence at Kabarak, where my mum worked as a secretary to the late Mzee Daniel Arap Moi.
    Living in the police barracks was fun because we lived and still lived together as a community.
  • What made you want to become a model?
    Inspiration from my friends and family who started calling me model while in high school increased my zeal. Thanks to them, I realized my potential.
  • What was going through your mind when you did your first shoot?
    The questions on my mind were
    . Will I make it?
    . Was I fit to become a model?
    . How should I pose?
    It was a scary experience.
  • As a child who did you look up to in the fashion industry and modelling industry?
    Naomi Campbell and Lupita Nyong’o are my icons.
  • Who is your favourite designer?
    I like the work of Evelyne Adongo. She designs clothing that can be worn in any event.
  • What was your parent’s reaction when you told them about your modelling ambitions and were they supportive?
    My mum was very supportive; however, my late father was a religious person, and he did not like such exposure until I was featured on pulse magazine.
  • As a model, what are some of the Challenges you go through?
    Getting a gig needs “connections”.

    Nakuru has few modelling jobs; hence some managers take advantage of the situation. I once found my photos marketing an individual agency without my consent which was quite a bad experience.
  • What do you love most about Modelling?
    I was getting to meet new people and their works. Every exposure has a new learning experience and learning from each other, which is a whole new experience.
  • How do you cope under pressure?
    I am quite good at procrastinating, so I work best under pressure.
  • Apart from modelling what else do you do?
    I am a student at Maseno University. During holidays I also volunteer to work with NGO’S, orphanages, and at women rescue centres. I have worked with the following institutions: Starting with one Kenya NGO that helps the less fortunate by building schools, distribution of filters, distribution of food amongst others. I have also worked with JIMMIA women rescue Centre and SCAN Street children orphanage.
  • What beauty tips do you swear by?
    The use of natural products such as aloe vera and mwarubaini and black soap has significantly worked on my skin.
  • What are some of the item you always have on you, items you never leave the house without?
    I am typically a natural person I only apply make up for an event or gig; however, a must-have for me is Nivea lip balm.
  • As a model, what advice would you give to a young boy or girl with similar ambitions?
    Modelling takes time for you to achieve your dreams, so all you need is patience and always look for a side hustle and not to solemnly depend on Modelling.
  • You’ve been featured in a pretty big Magazine; how did you feel and in what way has it positively impacted your career?
    It has helped me meet celebrities build my career as I started being invited for events.
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
    I plan to move to Nairobi so that I achieve my dreams of featuring in advertisements and billboards. I also see myself having started a family.
  • We all know the modelling industry isn’t all Roses, have you ever found yourself in a comprising situation where you had to choose between your career as a model and your self-dignity, and how did you deal with it?
    I was invited to feature as a video vixen, but when I got there, I realized that the celebrity was taking advantage of the models in the show, so I decided to forgo, and I left the event. I value my dignity, and I advise other models that they should not fall into such traps for a gig.
  • What’s your take on modelling agencies and do you have one, an Agent?
    I am currently in INVOGUE agency, and I was introduced by the TV presenter Martin Kimathi.
    There are so many opportunities with this agency, however, due to distance challenges I have not been able to attend, that’s why I plan to relocate to Nairobi once I’m done with my studies
  • What would you like to tell your colleagues in the modelling industry?
    a. Modelling takes time to build your career; thus, you need to be patient.
    b. Maintain dignity and never be desperate for fame you need to earn your work
    c. Vetting of agencies should be done as I was in several agencies before I settled for INVOGUE, and some took advantage of using me as a model in advertisements. Still, they neither sought my consent, nor was I paid for it.

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