MC Neb

Tell us, who is Mc Neb?
Mc Neb is an award-winning events host, am a public speaker and a trainer and I aspire to be ranked among the top Mc’s in Kenya. So, I am a dedicated master of ceremony and a professional presenter. At the moment, I am a radio presenter with Sauti radio (www.sautiradio.com) also a certified public speaker. My educational background is Communication and Youth studies from Pan African Christian University. I serve as a youth worker at Citam BuruBuru in church. I love positive entertainment and mentorship hence going by the slogan THE MENTORTAINER. That’s more like it about Neb. I also try out comedy here and there, and have a fiction character known as MURUMISH, you can check out my work on Instagram and YouTube.

Where did you grow up and what was it like for you?
I grew up in Nairobi, the big city, Dandora to be specific, that’s where I went to school and spent most of my formative years there. My dad happens to be a pastor, (laughs) so basically, that dictates how I lived my life in the sense that when your dad Is a pastor everyone expects you to be an example.

When did you discover you could Mc?
I think when I was in primary, so what happened is, I used to make people laugh in class when we had a free lesson. Actually, I would go to the front and start reading my classmates “news” just comic news about guys in the class. So, I would read something and ensure I mentioned everyone in the class and put some humor in it. But the first time I did a gig was in high school, form three at a talent show, that’s when I think this journey started
You are both an Mc, an entertainer and an entrepreneur talk to us about it?
Yes, I believe that one thing helps you get to other things, so being an Mc is a good thing since it has given me a platform where people know me and I can use that influence that I have to put up products that I have out there. I do suits by Neb which is a brand, recently I rebranded to CMXXI Kenya which basically means 921 in roman numbers which is my birthday. So, I design suits for men and I also do branding of shirts and hoodies. Basically, the reason am an entertainer and an entrepreneur is just to strike a balance. At the moment am working to become a music producer, I will be starting 921 records soon.

What would you say was and still is your greatest inspiration?
My greatest inspiration is being a source, in the sense that when someone listens to me or when I do anything, impact should be felt by the receiving end. That’s been my greatest inspiration and the fact that I want to make myself proud.
I happened to be in an event you were an Mc last year, what is it like for you to be on stage and actively engaging with an audience?
That’s heaven to me (chuckles) I have never been to heaven, but I would say being on stage, running a program is actually amazing since everyone is actually expectant and the feedback from the audience is a mind thrilling experience which gives me satisfaction. I live for it.

If given a chance to do one thing differently, what would it be?
I would purse my piloting career. At the moment am still deliberating, I don’t know whether is too late.

How has Corona pandemic affected you during this period?
The pandemic has affected me both negatively and positively. The first two months I was overthinking,” I really was spending without earning” which really stressed me up because April is a peek month for Mc’s and considering I had my last gig on 14th march.
On the positive notch I decided to build on my comedy character (Murumish) and as from that moment it is bringing me on platforms, I didn’t expect I would get. Also, I have learnt to do production and church shows for our youth page. Basically, it has helped me out of that cocoon.

Any plans you would like to share with us?
Well, as I have said earlier, I plan to open a studio, that is 921 records, which will go commercial on January 2021 and also am getting into politics since am really passionate about leadership and governance so I will vie as an MCA in my hood.

What would you tell someone seeking to be like you and venture in the showbiz?
Be passionate about what you are doing but don’t let it drive you, have a goal. Passion at times is good but at times it fades. Have a goal and work towards it, focus on yourself and please, watch out, out here it’s tricky, try and make a brand of your own. Just be good at what you are doing, point blank.

Anyone reading this, you are special and unique the way you are. Be you, do you, for you.

Mc Neb

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