Love and Lust


You’re ripping me to pieces and slicing me apart.
You have your claws well and truly into me, tearing at my heart.
Fingernails sharp as talons varnished dark blood red.
How did I let a woman like you get so deep inside my head.
Am I just your willing victim a sacrificial fool.
I am at your mercy so use me, treat me cruel.
My skin scratched raw by you, burns like it is on fire.
But the pleasure of this pain only heightens my desire.
You let out a gasp followed by a sexy little sigh.
Then you tell me that you love me, but I know that is a lie.
I try to answer her back, she just whispers to me too hush.
Well if I can’t have her love then I will settle for her lust.
She has a free spirited side too wild to be tamed.
Naked to the shackles of conformity she goes unchained.
Who is using who, I honestly don’t know.
I feel her nails rake down my back and she won’t let go.
She even smiles at my suffering laughing at my hurt.
Then she cries take me you bastard, treat me like dirt.
I respond in kind without a moment’s hesitation.
Only a madman would refuse such an open invitation.
Now it was my turn to payback the favour and tell her to hush.
She likes to do things that would make a contortionist blush.
Discretion is the better part of valour and I won’t say anymore.
Except she left my back like a road map all bloodied up and sore.
Sometimes it’s nice to get hurt by somebody that you trust.
When those lines become blurred between what is love and lust.


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