How to handle rejection


“What’s wrong with me”.

 This  statement has become a paradox among  million people in this globe.

Rejection has become a part of us like an outfit you can easily fit in .

That feeling of not being “good enough”, or not belonging to a certain

status quo ,or trying to seek somebody’s approval  can easily get into

 one’s mind and cause alot of damage.

The current generation is always obsessed with fitting in and will go

to any extend to achieve that. Social media platforms have

become a common place where people fake in a luxirous lifestyle in

order to please and fit in to a certain caliber.

The only way to tackle Rejection is not to take it personal,never feel

 trapped into  thinking “you are always the problem”.Accept it since you  will

 always face rejection in your day to day activities may it be at work ,at

home ,at school,in churches or any other places.You need to accept this

and prepare yourself on how to handle such .

The following gives a summary on how to handle Rejection

1.Avoid negative energy and always seek positive vibes.

2.Take time to appreciate yourself.Look at the mirror and smile

3.Treat yourself out to your favorite delicacies.

4.Explore your hobbies and talents.

5.Travel to new places and create good memories.

6.Take time to process in a new setting.

7.Be confident.

8.Talk it out .Let it out to a friend you can trust or whoever you feel

comfortable with.

And finally learn how to Stand out instead of trying to fit  in.

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