Twenty seventeen around June myself, Mwangi and Oscar were coming from my moms place around lunch time hapo Kona Soweto wherethere were shoe vibanda’s before pipeline ripped their livelihoods. We were coming towards Mainland Magongo and these five boys in a like a column were blocking the way coming at us. As we tried to slither in between them they like swiped me and Mwangi and our slippers were left behind  when  Mwangi went back to pick it three put him under a truck and were dealing with him from down there then this one big one slapped fear into my face Oscar run then there was this little one who was trying to save us from his friends but he wasn’t shit luckily those were the days after high school before we knew that ours is not a battle of flesh and blood we were going to taekwondo classes so we stood against them when they saw we weren’t going thought a fight this big-one untacks a small knife from his shorts I left offered my slippers in exchange for my life. Fast forward we get to Mainland Magongo we find out that the same guys hat stubbed a Somali guy in the neck have never been afraid in my life like that very moment when I saw a black blood on a wall down to a pool on the ground

They are young children young boys and girls sometimes as young as fifteen, boys who have been recruited in high schools and secondary school, have been introduced to some hard very hard stuff to a point of dependence they are children ho come from poor families mostly single parents who result to a life of crime for survival others are used by powerful people to protect their product to peddle, they walk with knives and pangas inside their trousers some have bee fed religion others that the idea of watu wa bara came to Mombasa to take over the second generation of Pwani si Kenya movement. They stab butcher and beat people  without even stealing I have friends who were cut in likoni one had a broken skull from a blunt panga, they raid weddings at night mishandle girls and deadly scar boys who try to help, they move in crowds of small odi dressed boys you try to square with one all of them castrate you. Last year during the new year celebration a group of twenty year old’s from majego slit thoughts of two teens in an open air service at night. Whats even sad is that nothing being done I mean how many times  have we heard in the news of killings in Mombasa how many horrifying pictures of bloody fathers and mothers have made it to cover pages of magazines, for crying out loud there was a video that was trending last year where they blocked a fuckin road in Kongowea and were cutting people from inside matatus, this are not experts they don’t have guns or training they are known their mothers are known  their friends even their schools know them, why! then they remove county commissioner Marua only guy who had them by the balls. seriously why do I have to bury yet another friend?..Gabu don’t go in peace haunt the shit out of their mothers and kids, sons of bitches may they all die of corona or get raped by giant baboons nkt!

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