Finally!! The Safaricom Visa Card


The new M-PESA PrePay VISA card can be used to withdraw cash in any currency from over 1.6 million Visa ATMs worldwide as well as to make purchases at over 28 million VISA branded shops and other merchant outlets worldwide.
The card needs to be pre-loaded with Kenya Shillings funds and can be subsequently reloaded for continued usage through M-PESA and residual balances can also be refunded at any I&M Bank branch.
The benefits of the M-PESA PrePay Safari Card include;
Everyone can get one; Anyone who has a Safaricom telephone line with M-PESA facility and is 18 years and above can apply for this card.
Easy load & reload: you can load and reload your card simply through your M-PESA.
Better than a credit card; you can’t spend money you don’t have.
Saves you money; There are never any late payment fees, ledger fees or over the limit fees.
International ATM usage ; This is a VISA and KENSWITCH branded card that is accepted both locally and internationally on all VISA/KENSWITCH branded ATMs.
Online Internet usage ; This card can be used to conduct online internet transactions such us purchases, payments etc.
Manage your money anywhere; Monitor your card expenses, check your balance etc over the Internet. Just go to online services and log into prepaid cards
SMS Alerts; receive an SMS alert anytime you use the card.
Convenience; Safer, cheaper and more convenient than carrying cash. You can de-activate the card after making your purchase online.
The M-PESA Prepay Safari Card Kit can be purchased from any Safaricom outlets , I&M bank branches countrywide.
All you need to get this card is a copy and original National Identity Card/Passport and a filled up application form.

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