Falling in Love

There are two things
I will always be sure of
the sun will always
fall in love with the moon
and I will always fall for you
life after lifetime

Those ebony eyes
two small dark pools
you are water to me
deep and bold
and fathoming

The many mornings
you are sunrise to me
you rise next to me
warm and streaming

the sun will always
fall in love with the moon

Your smile enlightens
the darkest part of me
our love conquers prejudices
let the haters hate foolishly
some people try and
ruin beautiful things
I need you as leaves
need their tree

I know my queen
sometimes the words
I love you will never
be enough

Your essence
deserves more
this is why your man
writes love poetry
and you deserve
gold and silver
diamonds and rubies

We have dug our souls
out of the dark
we have fought
to be here
let’s not go back
to the past that
almost buried us

I’m so happy
I found you
a lovely and
beautiful queen
with a heart
that loves me
without asking
for anything but
for us to be happy…

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