Bundesliga is back!!


The year 2020 was supposed to signal hope for the new decade and act as a gateway to leave all the bad memories of the past behind. Well now that we have lived it I know most of us would like to be taken back to 23:59:59 on 31st December 2019 and none less than the football and sports fans. With the pandemic rising in the course of the year, most sports activities in most parts of the world were put on hold and to make it worse we were told to stay put. Now as a sports fan and football lover, I can assure you we were on the verge of crossing the line from sanity to losing our minds. But as always, sports finds ways to make a comeback (or maybe we are lucky the peak of the pandemic didn’t last very long). May was the month for sports salvation.

The Bundesliga, probably the most competitive league in Europe this season is making its return on May 16th and this is followed by reports of the Seria A and Premier League having made plans to return to action by latest mid-June. At least we now have something to look forward to during weekends that doesn’t include binge watching old series and re-watching the Champions League finals over and over again. Sadly the NBA is still in doubt as it’s yet to be seen if the USA is past its peak but if the reports by their government are anything to go by, the NBA isn’t far back in making its return, hopefully we will still get to see the playoffs. Tennis, rugby HSBC sevens series, and Formulae one are still in doubt but the situation is still underassessment. The Olympics had to be cancelled as it was impossible for it to be held this year with all the risks posed by the hosting the global event and same went for the Euros.

Even though we will see sports action, it will be a while before fans are allowed back into the stadium so we will have to do with seeing sports on TV (pretty boring right) and I would take football with no fans over no football any day. As we approach the weekend get your popcorns ready, pay your subscription and enjoy the weekend in style with some Bundesliga action.

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