Beauty of Despair

More often than not in moments of weakness, the times when the need for fellow human beings either pave in or shuts we transit.

Ever found so much comfort in your own company that you shut the world out?? Or again ever been so lonely you trust so easy and let people in so easy that you break your own heart over and over in the belief that people are not the same so you give so many a chance that in between recollecting your former broken pieces you let people in to break your broken pieces into even smaller pieces?

The times when majority admit to embracing their demons. The acceptance of the bad side in us. At times depression is executed in the quest for finding our happy souls. Or what did you think depression looks like?

There’s *beauty in despair* though One who has felt pain wouldn’t really want someone else to treck the path of despair. So at some point despair breeds kindness

Despair breeds love

Despair initiates positivity for even the best novels are mostly authored behind bars

The best stories are mostly rooted by pain


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